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Chef Krstic was drawn to food from the time he could reach the kitchen counter and was tutored in cooking at his grandfather’s side. His grandfather, who was a passionate traveler and gastronome, instilled in Peja the importance of experiencing and exploring the many diverse cuisines from around the globe. Every Sunday Krstic’s family would gather at his grandfather’s house for lunch. There, Krstic helped make pasta from the scratch, sometimes handling the dessert course for the gathering. Besides his grandfather, Krstic’s mother, who is a veterinarian, thought him the importance of utilizing whole animals in a proper way.

In 2005, Krstic moved to Dallas, TX. Ambitious, hard driving and temperamental, he began working his way up through different restaurants and cuisines.  

Today he is a chef and owner of Mot Hai Ba restaurant in east Dallas. Under his leadership, the tiny neighborhood restaurant, has received rave reviews and recognition from food critics, and most importantly, guests.

Chef Krstic mainly focus is on technique and simplicity combining Vietnamese and French. He believes in importance of quality and seasonal ingredient while being able to praise such by applying the proper technique.   

Krstic lives in Dallas with his wife, Silvana, their son Filip, and dog, Winston. 

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Một Hai Ba

Located in a well-known spot in the Lakewood neighborhood, Mot Hai Ba (1-2-3 in Vietnamese) is a widely recognized restaurant serving both fine modern French Vietnamese cuisine in a casual setting. Given Four Stars by Leslie Brenner of the Dallas Morning News.

The menu changes regularly and  features seasonal dishes as well as Chef Peja Krstic's imaginative specials.  Dinner Only. Cozy front room and a lovely patio. Cocktails, full bar, to-go, and delivery

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